16 seats Bus

For groups of people, guests and travelers we can rent Buses from 8 to 16 seats, with expert driver in Milan thanks to the customized offers of P.A.S. International Travel.

These are very comfortable vehicles perfect for groups of people of small dimensions who want to enjoy their trip in total safety with adequate space and comfort.

The entire itinerary can be deeply planned with possible route alternatives and with the best and safest road indication. You will have a comfortable journey, and a pleasant times. It is a suitable solution for short trips in the city or in the province of Milan, perfect for one day trips. If you need, we can manage one or more nights with granted arrival in any destination of Lombardy and beyond.

The driver is guaranteed by our severe standards.

28 seats Bus

We have pullmans for up to 28 passengers, often rented to travel agencies, tourist guides, public or private schools, for various types of initiatives, both corporate and private.

All vehicles are of recent production and frequently tested on all their mechanical and electronic functionality. They are all latest generation models to ensure full functionality, comfort and avoid any inconvenience.

Our drivers are truly experts, high qualified, with many years of safe and responsible driving, with wide references and a strict selection from the time they are hired by the company.

50 seats Bus

The classic standard 50-seater Bus is a guarantee of efficiency. Always under careful maintenance, in compliance with the latest rules.

The buses offered by the company are carefully cleaned, washed, sanitized, equipped with Wi-Fi, with a tidy luggage compartment and a last model engine. All the systems, from air-conditioning, audio and video broadcasting, toilets, to plumbing and electrical systems, are under constant check from qualified technicians.

All vehicles are equipped with documentation, guarantees and safety certifications in case of police check . The total cost estimate includes all expenses such as highways, tolls, parking lots, permits, or deviations due to limited traffic areas.